Our Services

We promise that our true service is to foresee and satisfy the special requirements from our diverse clientele base of customers.

Lift / Escalator Installations
With over 20 years of experience in elevator installations, our team offer extensive and highly specialist knowledge in all aspects of lift machinery and cars, traction lifts...
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Escalator Services
We are often called in to work on something far more demanding than standard builds; fitting lifts into tight stairwells or developing designs for...
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Escallators Installations
Relis full range of Escalators and Passenger Conveyors is suitable for installation in shopping centres, retail stores, hotels, sports/entertainment venues...
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Preventantive Maintenance
Relis Lifts performs preventative maintenance at regular intervals to ensure that lifts under its maintenance program are both safe and reliable...
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Lifts/Escallators Repairs
We are able to repair and maintain any type of lift regardless of manufacturer, and continually re-invest in our staff to ensure that technical knowledge...
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Lift Modernisation
If maintained properly and in normal use situation, the average life of elevator is 15years. Thereafter, both the mechanical and electrical parts start aging...
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