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Relis Lift has been in the lift business for years specializing in lift installation, lift repairs, lift maintenance and lift service. The lifts supplied are reliable, efficient and dependable lifts. Relis Lifts offers excellent lift service by trained lift engineers and technicians with vast experience in elevator service and lift maintenance ensuring reliable lift service. We make good and unmatched lifts through our construction team, who can install the best durable and reliable lifts with latest lift technology This means that our lifts are much faster and easier to install than conventional lifts

Our elevator repair team is very experienced and can repair any type of lift manufactured by any lift company regardless of type, brand or age. The lift technicians and engineers have all the technical know how and lift technics to maintain and service lifts to reduce the downtime and increase the up time. The lift service department has qualified lift technicians and engineers. Relis lifts offers lift maintenance contracts tailored to suit every client. Our lift maintenance procedures ensure that client’s lifts are maintained by the best elevator maintenance company through flexible lift maintenance contracts and plans

We have lift inspectors to inspect lifts of all brands, lift mechanics to install any lift, lift technicians to perform elevator service on passenger lifts, goods lifts, platform lifts and escalators. Contact us for all lift and escalator installation, lift repairs, lift service, lift maintenance, inspection and lift and escalator modernization

Relis Lifts is a South African lift and escalator company offering all aspects of lift engineering including lifts/elevators and escalators maintenance, installation, modernization, repair, 24-hour emergency call out facility and all other lifts/elevators and escalator related services in Johannesburg, Pretoria, around Gauteng and the whole of South Africa.Relis specialises in maintenance of passenger lifts, goods lifts and escalators. Relis Lifts executes lift repair on passenger lifts and goods lifts in a professional way. Relis employs some of the most experienced lift engineers in the South Africa. People who enjoy their job and care about their customers.


Working Safely, without compromise to a recognised standard, OHSAS 18001.

Best Quality

Driving Customer Care and Quality, Without Compromise to recognised standards, ISO9001 & Lift Regulations Schedule 12


A long track record of successful installation projects and ensuring long-term sustainability

Our Services

Relis Lift service ensures your security as well as guarantee on your investment in the equipment aspects. We promise that our true service is to foresee and satisfy the special requirements from our diverse clientele base of customers.

Lift Service
With over 20 years of experience in elevator installations, our team offer extensive and highly specialist knowledge in all aspects of lift machinery and cars, traction lifts...
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Elevator Service
We are often called in to work on something far more demanding than standard builds; fitting lifts into tight stairwells or developing designs for...
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Escalator Service Company
Relis full range of Escalators and Passenger Conveyors is suitable for installation in shopping centres, retail stores, hotels, sports/entertainment venues...
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Lift Preventantive Maintenance
Relis Lifts performs preventative maintenance at regular intervals to ensure that lifts under its maintenance program are both safe and reliable...
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Lift Repair
We are repair and maintain any type of lift regardless of manufacturer, and continually re-invest in our staff to ensure that technical knowledge...
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Escalator Service
If maintained properly and in normal use situation, the average life of elevator is 15years. Thereafter, both the mechanical and electrical parts start aging...
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Our company maintains and services all makes of lifts nationally and offers a comprehensive 24 hour, 365 days per year emergency support.
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Lifts Types

Working for a wide range of industrial and commercial property owners, we offer complete design, installation
and modernisation services on all types of lifts.

Passenger Lift

Here at Relis Lifts and Escalators Repairs we offer an extensive range of every kind of passenger lift on the market and our expertise is second to none. Our passenger Lifts are very reliable, safe and comfortable

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Goods Lifts

Again, we offer a wide variety of goods lift solutions, which cover the different types of drive systems including multiple chains, hydraulic...

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Goods/Passenger Lifts

There is not always enough room to place both goods lifts and passenger lifts in the same building so we can also install a combination of the two.

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Service Lifts

Although not as common as goods lifts, some service lifts are still in existence today and help keep the company efficient and...

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Residential Lifts

All residents and passengers want to reach their floor safely and comfortably and we at Relis ensure that this is the case.

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Bespoke Lifts

Perhaps the area in which our team excels the most, Bespoke Lifts provide the greatest challenge to any lift engineer but no matter what the...

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Relis Lifts assists its customers to manage the smooth flow of people and goods throughout their buildings.

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