Lift Maintenance or Lift Servicing ? Lift Maintenance / Service

Planned preventative lift maintenance and servicing is an essential on almost any mechanical system and elevators are no exception. Break downs and repairs cost you time and money so having an expert team regularly look over your system, at a time convenient to you, is the smart way to keep on top of wear and tear taking care of any problem at the earliest stage long before they get expensive or potentially dangerous. Routine lift maintenance & lift servicing is the most cost effective way of ensuring the longevity of your lifts and associated equipment - reducing the risk breakdowns, accidents and emergency repairs. With a friendly, proactive approach that is part of our culture, we maintain all makes and types of lifts and are recognized throughout the industry as a proven alternative to the services of original equipment manufacturers and installers.

''In accordance with the law. Lift installations are to be regularly examined and given proper maintenance...''

Our flexible, personalized maintenance agreements cover everything from routine servicing to comprehensive support, and all customers have access to our locally based 24/7 call-out service. With our Head Office just outside the outskirts of Johannesburg and close links to the major motorways Relis Lifts are able to offer a speedy response to lift breakdowns. Relis care and maintain thousands of lifts of varying makes, age and condition, so whether you have an access platform lift in your care home or a high speed commercial lift in your place of work Relis Lifts can tailor a lift agreement to suit your equipment. The team here at Relis Lifts are expert lift maintenance engineers who are able to keep all kinds of lift installations in efficient working order and in good repair. They have a huge wealth of knowledge and services to offer as well as the lift maintenance itself, being able to arrange lift maintenance services and specified safety checks by trained competent persons, and respond quickly to reports of lifts and elevators in need of proper lift maintenance. In line with our standard lift maintenance services and lift repairs timescales, we can guarantee a quick, efficient and highly professional solutions

''Technology, Our Excellence...''

Being a responsible lift owner or building manager you have a duty to ensure that your lift is safe to use. With this in mind it is crucial that lift maintenance services are carried out on a regular basis in-line with the manufacturers recommendations. We provide the highest customer service levels, offering lift maintenance along with a highly efficient call out and lift repair service. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with very competitive pricing. The regulation places responsibilities on businesses and organizations to keep equipment such as lifts maintained and to be kept in safe working order. A lift service contract from Relis Lifts will ensure this and our experienced team will keep your lift running smoothly. In the unfortunate event that you do experience a lift breakdown you can trust in our quick response to repair your lift. As well as correct maintenance, it is also mandatory that lifts have thorough examinations carried out by a competent person. Our lift maintenance service will ensure the good working order of your lifts. In addition to lift maintenance we also have competent lift engineers and adjusters that can carry out thorough examinations if required within the service agreement.
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''Think sophistication and comfort...''

Our professionalism in carrying out our lift services is what makes us not only one of the best lift maintenance companies but also one of the most cost effective SA wide. See how we can reduce your costs with our professional Lift Servicing. Relis Lifts and Escalators Repairs Ltd will improve your lifts reliability, decrease the level of defects and at the same time reduce your spending. Although this seems counter intuitive, this is what we achieve for our clients over and over again. We have highly trained lift maintenance engineers carrying out lift maintenance nationally in accordance with manufactures� guidelines. We support this with a responsive lift repair service and the supply of manufacture approved replacement parts. All our lift engineers carry advanced multi-platform diagnostic tools and carefully selected stock within their vehicles. This dramatically increases the first time fix rate which reduces return visits and therefore costs.

Individual Lift Service Agreements To Suit You

As part of our dedication to customer satisfaction, we will tailor our lift maintenance and service agreements to your individual needs. This allows us to offer you the most cost-effective option to suit you. A good lift company can make all the difference, with correct preventative lift maintenance your lift will run smoother, safer and more reliably. To find out more about the lift service contracts we offer please get in touch.

Lift Repairs

Prompt, professional and efficient services are "key" to any lift repairs. We offer a 24-hour emergency service under contract and can repair any type or make of lift nationally. We have many years of experience in this field and our field engineers are fully trained, directly employed professionals. In addition to contracted repairs we also offer "one off" repairs. Whatever your requirements, our flexibility will ensure a package that suits you. For more information, please contact one of our experts for free advice and help. If you would like to make an appointment with one of our experts or would like a quotation, please contact us. For many customers, repair work will fall outside of their standard contract of routine and regular maintenance. As a result, Relis provide a highly cost effective repair service estimating everything we do and gaining your approval before we start work.
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''Moving Foward to a better Future...''

Our fully qualified repair teams are locally based throughout the South Africa . Most of our repair vehicles are fitted with on-board workshops, enabling the majority of repairs to be carried out on site. Larger repairs may require equipment to be returned to our workshops or supply partner for specialised repair, you can be sure that your lift will be returned to safe operational service as quickly as possible. As independent lift specialist, we maintain good supply chain relationships with all of the leading manufacturers and specialist equipment suppliers. Within our supply chain we also have a range of fabricators to support the needs associated with bespoke finishes. Any repair works undertaken unless stated comes complete with a minimum one year's warranty. Working across all market sectors we always endeavour to provide a lift repair maintenance solution that best fits with our customer�s needs irrespective of the market they operate. Relis Services Ltd, provides a comprehensive lift repair service, 24 hour 365 days per week emergency support facility operated by a fully manned central helpdesk Our customer base encompasses every facet of business, commerce and industry having contracts with major national retailers, local authorities, housing associations, finance and petro chemical companies alongside private organisations and individuals.

''We get you to higher places...''

Our planned preventative lift repair maintenance contracts can be tailored made to suit individual requirements, to reflect lift type, use and environment. This flexibility gives us the lead in today�s ever demanding market place. Our engineers have a reputation for problem solving, many of whom have worked with Relis Services Ltd for many years � maintaining an array of our equipment and that of our competitors products throughout their service to us. Whilst maintaining a strict process approach to everything we do, we encourage our engineers to use their experience and allow lateral thinking when providing a solution to a customer�s request. Most of the technicians and engineers training that we provide for our employees, not only covers the technical requirements, but also the user applications for the products that we both manufacture and maintain. As part of our ongoing Service, we also train our staff to understand and appreciate the safety needs of operational buildings.
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Lift Replacement, Refurbishment and Modernization

At Relis Lifts and Escalators Repairs Ltd due to our 'In House' manufacturing facilities we are flexible and able to provide all types of lift equipment and drive systems to meet the site conditions or customer�s specification. Having this facility also enables us to offer a �fast track� programmed to meet the demands of the market, together with a high level of quality control on the equipment offered. One major advantage in using Relis services is that all of the equipment offered, is �Open Protocol� � By this we mean the equipment installed can be maintained by any other of our competitors, and you are therefore not restricted to who services the equipment in years to come. To do a job well you have to be experienced. The same is true when providing a full replacement or modernizing existing lift equipment, where spares are no longer available. At Relis Services Ltd we do not shy away from undertaking difficult projects � why should we? We directly employee highly experienced engineers competent on all competitor�s equipment, delivering better control of the installation, who will undertake your request, ensuring care and safety is delivered throughout the project. For larger schemes our experienced consultants will manage the scheme at the sales stage through to project completion and handover to yourselves � keeping the level of communication between both parties to a minimum. We are also able to offer a complete �contractors� package, providing all the associated builders work that is required in connection with the installation of the lift works.

Elevator Survey

Invariably, no two projects are the same. Site influencers and individual equipment requirements vary depending on the environment, their function and the aesthetics. As a result, Relis Lifts and Escalators Repairs provides an advisory service for its customers before any equipment is ordered. Together with you, we will discuss your precise requirements for duty, usage based life expectancy and, of course, budget. From a wide and established range, we can provide model equipment or bespoke tailored products to meet your exact requirements. Our one-stop-shop and single point of contact approach provides customers with tangible time and money saving benefits.

Elevator Design

We do not just provide superior lift maintenance and repairs. Our design team is an in-house resource, which provides specific solutions to your bespoke needs, creating lifts which fit your building and meet your needs � we do not manufacture any standard ranges or solutions/packages. We are able to manufacture full or part lifts to suit lift refurbishment and modernization programmed which upgrade the existing installations to current regulations and expectations. Our design team are on hand to provide 3D visualizations from conceptual ideas through to final approved drawings, to suit all aspects of lift installation from individual components to full lift systems. Something you can be certain of from our designers, is that no use of closed protocol equipment will limit your future options for who undertakes your maintenance � we only use open protocol and this leaves our customers free to decide going forward, who will service their lifts as well as being able to obtain service and replacement parts at a competitive and economic price.

Elevator Manufacture

We manufacture lifts at our factory in Springs that is fitted out with a comprehensive range of modern equipment where our highly skilled technicians produce quality products. It has an extensive stock of spares and parts enabling both manufacture and planned and reactive maintenance across a wide range of lifts and escalators of all makes. Alongside our manufacture facility where we offer new and refurbished lifts to customer's exact requirements and current standards, we manufacture lift and escalator components, including items which others areunable to manufacture in-house and which may find challenging to source as quickly from Europe, these include Car & Landing Doors, Lift Cars, Slings, Counter Weights, Guides, Bracketry, Guards, Pit Ladders, Push Plates and Car Operating Panels.

Bespoke Solutions

Founded for over 12 years, Relis Services has created a unique position in the provision of Bespoke Solutions for all types of lifts, whether traction or hydraulic driven. Meeting each Customer�s needs and requirements with a unique tailor made solution makes us a leader in the market whether Customers are looking for vandal resistance, highest quality finishes, extremely durable heavy goods lifting or true specialism such as explosion proof lifts. Each new lift is fully surveyed, designed in 3D CAD, manufactured to a value engineered specification to meeting our Customer needs. We do not offer standardized convenience for our production lines prior to installation and all products are tested by our highly skilled workforce of directly employed fitters and testers.

Elevator Installation

We take great care when undertaking our commitments and fully understand the importance of reliable and safe working practices. On-site we have strict procedures to ensure the safety of your employees, visitors and of course our employees whilst working on your equipment. We ensure the area of work is cordoned off and place various safety notices which are visible for your employees and visitors. Additionally, we maintain appropriate safety and maintenance records to ensure you have peace of mind in all of the areas in which we work. We work as advisors keeping you informed of our progress and any issues that may influence the continued reliability and safe running of your equipment.
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24hrs Call Out/Breakdown 365 days

Our widely skilled teams react, attend and resolve problems fast

Comprehensive fault finding and Lift repairs

Inevitably, even with regular maintenance faults can develop from wear and tear and we take pride in being able to quickly trace and identify them wherever they lie in the elevator system. We understand the need for fast, effective and responsive elevator repairs and our team's wide knowledge of the numerous brands and components in the market ensures we'll get your elevator back to perfect running order in no time.

Expert periodic elevator servicing

No matter what your requirements for elevator maintenance put it in the hands of thicafre specialists at Relis Lifts and Escalators Repairs . Contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our expert team.

Mobility Division - Lift Engineering

Relis Lifts Services Ltd identified the need within this specialist sector for a team of experienced and dedicated lift engineers who could undertake installation, service and repair of this specialist access equipment for persons with disability or persons with reduced mobility seeking for a disabled stair lift or wheel chair lift for their domestic home or commercial property. Devoted to the installation, maintenance, repair and emergency call out, service our engineers offer specialist support to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We offer a variety of domestic lift services and supply low cost wheelchair platform and stair-lifts, ideally suited for less-abled access in full compliance with all legislation, including Building Regulations "Access to and use of Buildings". Our Mobility Division provides a one stop solution with vertical and inclined access to a variety of 'In House' solutions and industry recognised leading manufacturers, providing you with a bespoke solution to meet your specific needs.

Domestic Lift Service - Relis Lifts

We have a range of lift solutions to suit small, medium and large homes, right up to large historic buildings for owners who wish to install or replace their lift. We place this service under our umbrella term of Domestic Lifts. If you are looking for a domestic lift for your home, then we can provide packaged machine room less lifts or if circumstances require, we can build a bespoke lift to suit your domestic house lift requirements; an option often more suitable for larger historic properties. Your requirement for a domestic lift may relate to a lift suitable for persons with reduced mobility such as a wheel chair or stairlift, in which case we are the experts. Our domestic lift services are capable of providing all forms of domestic lifts depending on the style and level of service in which residents may require. We provide a full maintenance and repair service to all forms of domestic lifts, which are undertaken by our highly experienced and qualified engineers who are used to working at privately owner properties and within the planning restrictions of historical buildings. Thanks to the skills of our employees, we can provide continuous service and maintenance of all common elevators and escalators and in a way that is acceptable by original manufacturers of the equipment.As a key to safe and reliable lift and escalator performance, Relis Lifts service provides high quality regular preventative maintenance visits by competent and committed lift technicians.

Lift Maintenance and Lift Service Features

Relis can repair and service any type of lift by any manufacturer as a once-off, short term, or long term contract. No work is too big or too small for us. No work is outside our scope of work. No elevator can be declared irrepairable. Maintenance packages tailored to suit customer requirements for all makes and types of lift, cranes, conveyors and escalator Large repair expenses can mean significant unexpected costs. Relis Lifts offers service plans that give our customers protection against unplanned costs and will provide for long trouble-free service of your elevator. Relis Lifts cares and maintain several lifts of varying makes, age, condition, so whether you have an access platform lift in the house or a high speed commercial lift, Relis can tailor a lift agreement to suit your equipment. In line with our standard lift maintenance services and lift repair services, we guarantee a quick, efficient and highly professional solution.
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Standby service

Given our desire to provide our clients full use of purchased equipment, the company maintains a non-stop service team. This mobile group consisting of qualified technicians is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, so we promptly correct any problem and restore normal operation of the plant.

Breakdown Service

We provide a rapid response to call outs using highly skilled engineers. Everyone at Relis Lifts strives to provide the very best in customer care and advice. Please do not hesitate to call our office on +27 722 333 677 for further information, or email

Technical staff

The company employs professional technicians, mechanics and fitters with necessary qualifications to execute operations and procedures such as installation, service and maintenance of elevators, escalators, and lifting equipment and their subsequent maintenance. The team at Relis Lifts are expert lift maintenance engineers who are able to keep all lift brands in efficient working order and in good repair.They have a huge wealth of knowledge and services to offer as well as the lift maintenance service itself, being able to arrange lift maintenance services and specified safety checks by trained competent persons, and respond quickly to reports of lifts and elevators in need of proper lift maintenance and lift repair.

Qualification and experience of managers in the company

Most of our senior management team have received special training by leading manufacturers of lifts and lifting equipment for civil and industrial use. All our staff are conversant with the following products, SCHINDLER, THYSSEN, KONE, OTIS, MITSHUBISHI, etc .Our dedicated service technicians are the frontline in maintaining our commitment to keeping your lifts in tip-top condition. Trained in industry-leading maintenance methods, they come equipped with technical expertise that cater to different types of lifts. Combined with creative problem solving skills, they�ll be able to make a quick, accurate diagnosis of the problem that you�re facing

Why Modernise?

Lifts like any other type of machinery eventually wear and start to become unreliable Older lifts may not comply with current Lift Standards or Health & Safety Legislation to improve performance Building and passenger demands may change.
  • Maintenance costs are rising
  • Energy costs are rising

Relis Lifts Modernisation Approach

Our objective is to achieve a discernible improvement in safety, performance, reliability and aesthetics at a cost effective level. Our methodology is to programme our work to minimise disruption and inconvenience for existing building users. Typical Solution
  • Replacing old machines and multi relay controller systems with latest variable frequency drive systems and micro processor control panels
  • Replacing old and noisy door operator systems with smooth and quiet variable frequency door operator systems including full height electronic door detectors
  • Replacing old entrances and doors with new fire rated entrances and doors
  • Upgrading car interior finishes with more modern and aesthetically pleasing finishes
  • Replacing car and landing fixtures with modern fixtures to EN81-70 and DMR Standards
  • Installing safety packages for compliance with current EN standards and SANS
  • Modernisation as described above can be carried out on a phased basis to suit client�s needs and budgets

Relis Lift serrvices safety checklist

One of our most useful maintenance tasks is a forty point checklist put together by our highly experienced maintenance / service team, looking at the most critical components and parts ensuring they meet safety and legal requirements and that they are in good working order. Drawing up a full report around the check list, clients can easily see the costs of any work required and the urgency with which it needs to be carried out.

Planned preventative servicing / maintenance contracts

We tailor make maintenance contracts around the needs of our customers, carrying out a full free survey and consultation of the current system we can advise on any essential elevator modernisation or Health & Safety requirements work that may be required and put together a recommended maintenance / service schedule that meets your needs and responds to the level of usage your elevator system receives. We can offer lift maintenance / service agreements on all types and makes of lifts Passenger lifts, Goods Lifts, Car Lifts, Platform Lifts, Stair Lifts, Wheelchair Lifts, Dumbwaiter Lifts.

Lift Maintenance contracts

All necessary steps must be taken to ensure all lift installations have been treated to the highest standards of lift maintenance services, lift repairs, lift installation and lift inspections. Guaranteeing safety from risks associated with improper lift maintenance, or lack of it, is of utmost importance when it comes to the smooth running of any lift maintenance system.


Inspection of plant and submission of reports One visit per month Minor adjustments and minor repairs Full equipment clean down Oil and lubrication of moving parts Risk assessments 24 hour 365 days a year emergency call out assistance 24 hour emergency breakdown guaranteed call out All call outs included 24/7 Parts package included


Inspection of plant and submission of reports One visit per month Minor adjustments and minor repairs Full equipment clean down Oil and lubrication of moving parts Risk assessments 24 hour 365 days a year emergency call out assistance 24 hour emergency guaranteed call out service All call outs included during normal working hours


Inspection of plant and submission of report, One visit per month Minor adjustments and minor repairs Full equipment clean down Oil and lubrication of moving parts Monthly service of locks, gates and all safety features 24 hour 365 days a year emergency call out assistance.24 hour emergency breakdown call out assistance