Passenger lifts

With specialist teams incorporated within the business we have developed and designed a range of products to suit your needs, our passenger lifts are one such product. Your passenger lift installation needs to take into consideration your buildings requirements as well as your own and that's the balance we try to achieve here at Relis. We assess your individual needs, the space you have plus a whole host of other factors to install the perfect passenger lift for you. Our experienced Passenger Lift Engineers will be on hand throughout any project to advise, educate and ensure the installation process goes as smoothly as possible so each and every customer is 100% satisfied with the Lift Installation they receive.
Passenger Lift Installation
With our passenger lifts we go to market with two popular ranges, offering over 25 different lift car sizes and layouts to choose from. If you require something a bit different, we also have design capabilities to provide you with a completely unique passenger lift model, \ tailor-made to your specific, individual requirements. With these options, available to all of our existing and potential customers, Relis Lifts is sure to have a solution to fulfil your elevator needs. All of our passenger lifts comply with Lifts and Escalator Regulations Act All of our passenger lifts combine functionality, reliability and aesthetics to ensure your passenger lift installation ticks all the boxes.

Our passenger lifts are suitable for a variety of different applications such as for use in schools, hospitals, hotels, office buildings and shopping centers. If you're looking for a new passenger lift or would like to hear more about our passenger lifts then take a look around our website or contact us here at Relis.

Relis Lifts provides a full range of standard & bespoke Passenger Lift designs for
  • Traction & Hydraulic Lifts
  • Panoramic Lifts
  • Fire fighting / Evacuation Lifts
  • Customised solutions on request

Innovative passenger lifts solutions for your project backed by the latest technology
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Service Lifts/Dumbwaiters
Service lifts are a necessity for many busy commercial and industrial buildings, across a variety of different sectors. Here at Relis Lifts, we can supply service lifts for a range of different applications including hotels, restaurants, retail shops, offices and warehouses. We can install a selection of service lifts including Dumbwaiters, Trolley lifts and Goods lifts. Our range of service lifts include small lifts for light loads, right through to heavy duty service lifts, and as well as installation of service lifts, we also offer repair and maintenance lift services. A service lift needs to be reliable as companies depend on them to smoothly run their businesses; whether they're a pub, shop, factory or even a nursing home.' That's why so many companies are choosing Relis Lifts for their service lift installation. Quick and reliable, dumbwaiters are multi-functional and can add a great deal of convenience in your life. Whether it's transporting food and utensils in a sanitary manner, office documents in a home office, or the many miscellaneous items that come with having children in the house, having a dumbwaiter is sure to make your life easier. And not to mention, the bragging rights!

We provide a full range of Service Lifts / Dumbwaiters suitable for hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, offices and domestic locations

  • Capacity 50kg to 500kg
  • Serving at floor or counter levels
  • Self supporting structure
  • Machine above, below or side arrangement
  • 3 Phase or Single Phase drive options
  • Primed, galvanised or stainless steel finishes available
  • Two hour fire rated doors
  • Complies with latest European Standard EN81-3 and SANS.
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Goods Lifts
It may not be possible for you to fit two elevator shafts in your building,' meaning that there is a lack of transport options for either passengers or goods. With Relis Lift services, you will not need to worry any more. We provide customers with the solution - Goods/Passenger lifts. These lifts are perfectly suited to a mixed environment and can handle both the transport of heavy goods and the movement of passengers with ease and comfort. We provide a wide range of fittings and furnishings for the lift so that it is effective and valuable for goods transport, as well as comfortable and bright for passengers. Even the lighting systems and button panels can be customized to ensure your lift stays in keeping with the feel of your building and our precision engineering ensures a smooth ride for both passengers and goods. As with all our lifts, we ensure that our Goods/Passenger lifts are compliant with the EN81-2 regulations and the Lifts Directive 1997.

Goods-only lifts that make easy work of heavy loads

Goods Lifts Service Company - Relis Lifts

Our Goodsmaster goods-only lifts offer a wide range of models that can carry loads of up to 2000kg over distances of up to 15m, or 5 stops.

Designed to make easy work of heavy loads, our goods lifts are ideal for uses such as a mezzanine goods lift or as a warehouse lift. Our heavy-duty lifts are the perfect solution for moving bulky goods between floors, like the movement of stock in the back of the house area, warehouses, stores or for large catering areas

There are two types of Goodsmaster goods-only lifts, both enabling the easy transfer of goods between floors. The range of goods lifts are:

Goodsmaster Classic - for loads up to 1500kg and travel up to 15m. This range makes easy work of moving heavy loads over multiple levels.

Goodsmaster CD - for loads up to 2000kg and travel up to 9m. This range is the perfect solution when headroom is limited/restricted.

Goods Lifts Repairs - Reliable Goods Lift Repair Company

Housed within their own rapidly-erected, self-contained steel structure, our Goodsmaster lifts can be installed almost anywhere within a matter of days, subject to builders' work.

Goods Lifts Services - Goods Lift Sales and Installation This goods lift range also offers a choice of either hinged or collapsible concertina gates, ensuring that there is a Goodsmaster model suitable for any lifting solution. If you have a low pit or low headroom requirements, then we have models available to cater for these needs. If required, the optional intercom system can be positioned at each landing entrance to enable easy communication between staff sending and receiving goods. These goods lifts are designed and manufactured to ensure you have a reliable work-horse, handling loads for years to come

Maintenance / service of the lift is also something we take very seriously and our range of services includes:
  • Full survey and quotation
  • Design consultation
  • Sourcing of bespoke parts and components
  • Expert installation and testing
  • Ongoing maintenance and lift services
  • Tailor made lift interiors
  • High quality safety compliance
  • Lighting and safety barriers
  • High load capacities
We have a wide range of goods lifts that are known for their ability to manage heavy loads. These lifts are well designed and are manufactured from high grade of raw materials that ensures durability. These goods' lifts are known for their lower energy consumption ability. Used in various industries as well as construction sites, these lifts help in transferring of goods from one level to another. Besides being conceptualized to maximize serviceability during peak hours, cleaning and maintenance for our commercial lifts and goods lifts are also planned for optimal performance, and can be done with minimal disruption. Want your lift to fit in with your building's branding? Feel free to customize its interior details. We'll be there to plan the capacity and design of your lift with you

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Platform Lifts
Platform Lifts - It's About Independence

Relis Lifts understand the importance of being able to move around freely, which is why we’ve introduced home platform lifts & residential platform lifts to our lift products and services.

Home platform lifts & residential platform lifts require minimal space and building work, reducing costs and overall disruption to your everyday life. Our home platform lifts can be tailored to suit your individual requirements and specific needs, and here at Relis Lifts, we have industry professionals on hand to safely deliver and install your home platform lift.

Our home platform lifts provide effective and safe access for wheelchair users, giving residents the ability to freely move around their home. We have a 24/7 care package available and a team of fully qualified lift engineers who specialise in installing and maintaining home platform lifts & residential platform lifts.

Relis supply a versatile range of Platform Lifts suitable for new buildings or retro fitting into existing premises. The Relis platform lifts provide accessibility without barriers. Compact and reliable, these lifts are engineered to endure the harshest weather conditions with all season illuminated controls and powder coated panels to resist corrosion. With a long list of options available like platform sizes, lifting heights, weight capacities, interlocking landing and platform gates, enclosed hoistway installations and many more, our platform lifts are available in residential and commercial lifts.

These platform lifts are your best choice for independence and peace of mind. Now you can enjoy an active, mobile lifestyle regardless of physical limitations. Hydraulic elevators are suitable for homes, bungalows, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes & new or old houses.

We offer wide range of hydraulic elevators or hydraulic lifts that are uniquely designed to offer high performance. Our hydraulic elevators are compact lifters comprising of: Trolley mounted steel, Frame Hydraulic cylinders, Hand pumps Top platform and Scissors type steel brackets It also features load holding at any desired height as a safety feature, avoiding sudden accidental slide down of the platform. Our range of hydraulic elevator are extensively used for general maintenance in plants.

Design Features:
  • Self supporting structure or masonry shaft
  • Automatic telescopic side opening or side hinged landing doors with manual, self closing or powered options
  • Constant pressure push button operation to EU Machinery Directive. Elevator control available with fully enclosed cabin design
  • Single Phase or 3 Phase drives available
  • Variety of platform sizes available normally engineered to meet or exceed the requirements Building Act
  • Shallow pits from 50mm, 125mm and 200 mm dependant on individual model design
  • Available for internal and external locations

Design Benefits:
  • Minimal builders work required
  • Shallow pit and low headroom
  • Short installation time
  • Space saving compact design
  • Economical solution

Customizability - Residential Platform Lifts

Our lifts are always designed with your home in mind. Each home is unique, and that's why we put such great focus on a lift that integrates well with your interior design and personal style. Be it panoramic swing doors, elevating platforms, or reduced vertical safety spaces, we'll guide you on the right type of lift that combines both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Convenience - Platform Home lifts

Think of it as future-proofing for your beloved home. Planning on having kids? A home lift will help greatly when you've a pram and a ton of grocery shopping. Want to give your elderly parents an easier time or hoping to live in the same house well into your autumn years? Get a peace of mind when you know that anyone with reduced mobility can move around the house with ease.

Luxury - Platform Lifts

Think sophistication and comfort. A home lift will essentially be the coolest piece of furniture in your home that you'll always be proud of, one that's practical, good looking, and changes life for the better. What's more, because it'll accommodate the lifestyles of even more people, you can be sure that it'll increase your home's value to a wider range of future buyers.
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Wheelchair lifts Stair lifts Chairlifts
Wheelchair lifts, Stair lifts and Chairlifts

These are available as wheelchair lifts or stair lifts. Relis range of platform Lifts are suitable for new buildings or retro fitting into existing premises

Design Features:
  • Straight rail, single gradient
  • Curved rail with changes in gradient and bends
  • Choice of platform size
  • Suitable for internal or external locations
  • Full range of safety features
  • Easily integrated with new or existing staircase designs
  • Single Phase power supply required
  • User-friendly features to facilitate independent use
  • Complies with EN standards and SANS
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Escalators allow for smooth movement up and down a large number of people simultaneously, without a waiting period or limits into the load, unlike elevators Relis full range of Escalators and Passenger Conveyors is suitable for installation in shopping centres, retail stores, hotels, sports/entertainment venues and heavy duty designs for public transport applications.

Escalator Maintenance & Escalator Servicing

Escalator Service and Escalator maintenance on all escalator systems should be undertaken on a regular basis in order to ensure all parts and mechanisms are functioning correctly. Ensuring your escalator systems are serviced regularly will undoubtedly reduce the possibility of major repair work in the future and therefore also reduce the cost of running an escalator. Our reporting/auditing service will initially identify and highlight any imminent escalator maintenance problems with your escalator systems. From this point onwards Relis Lifts Company can cater for all your escalator Maintenance & escalator Service requirements. Our extensive experience & knowledge allows us to work efficiency throughout the whole project.

We also adhere to all Health & Safety Regulations and ensure our staff are fully aware of company policies regarding on-site maintenance. If you require information about Escalator Servicing and Maintenance please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Escalator Installation

Relis Lifts Company takes pride in ensuring that all escalator installations are performed with pin-point accuracy and are completed to company standards. A well installed escalator will increase the lifespan of that particular machine and prevent post-installation difficulties. Many other companies that perform escalator installations tend to focus on the price that they are able to quote. However by doing this it has been found that quality of customer service is sometimes lost. Here at Relis , this is not the case as not only are we competitive in terms of price, but also provide the highest level of customer service. We have a strong relationship with all our suppliers, which provides the assurance that all parts we use are both fault-less and 100% ready for their purpose. Furthermore ALL parts used in installation and repairs are thoroughly inspected before being fitted.

Major Escalator Refurbishments

From time to time the lifespan of an escalator system does reach its peak and it is at this point that a major refurbishment is needed. Relis Lifts Company will bring you the benefits of new technology to enhance appearance, improve performance and ensure economic operation when performing major refurbishments. Whether it is a basic refurbishment or a major refurbishment, Relis Lifts Company will work closely with the client to ensure they are fully aware of what work is to be carried out and how best to reduce the disruption within the work place.

Escalator Step Overhaul

The Relis Lifts Company also provides a full step overhaul service, whereby each step is removed, cleaned, inspected and reinstalled. If a step is damaged we can either repair it or offer the client a replacement. A step overhaul is performed with the least disruption to the place of work and executed with the tightest safety regulations.

Escalator Cleaning

Many of our contacts involve the cleaning of escalators both externally and internally. Over time the dirt that resides within escalators can build up quite rapidly. Unfortunately this dirt can be flammable and thus possess a threat to health & safety regulations. Cleaning the inside and outside of an escalator significantly reduces the risk of fire and promotes a longer life for your escalator. A full clean up involves the cleaning of steps, skirting, balustrades, handrails, external & internal mechanisms and finishes with a full inspection.

Escalator Repairs

There are dramatic consequences if an escalator is out of action during a busy working day, which is why repairs need to be completed efficiency. Relis Lifts Company realises the affect that it can have on your organisation’s customer relationship and customer experience. Our skilled & experienced work force ensures that repairs can be performed both quickly and efficiently.

Escalator Spare Parts

The strong links we have with our suppliers give us the ability to sell or provide spare parts to clients and other companies at a competitive price. If you require any spare parts for escalators please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Escalator Removals

Relis Lifts Company can also perform complete removals of escalators anywhere in South Africa . The process is extensive and would need to be planned in advance with the client in order to reduce the amount of disruption at the place of work. For more information regarding the removal of escalators, please contact us

Escalator Handrails

Relis Lifts Company offers a full handrail service. Whether it be for a new rail, an insert or just a protector repair, our fully trained engineers will attend the site and carry out work efficiently and with minimum disruption. We hold in stock 100's of metres of Semperit Handrails to cater for all major escalator manufacturers, including Otis, Kone, Schindler and Thyssen models. Following the completion of the repair or renewal process, the rail will be buffed, adjusted and cleaned.

...Escalator Problem?...” ring Relis Lifts Company”…..

Escalator Features:

  • Inclination 30 degree or 35 degree or 45 degrees
  • Step width (mm) 600/800/1000
  • Capacity (p/h) 4500/6750/9000 for respective step widths
  • Choice of glass or stainless steel balustrade design

Passenger Conveyor Features:

  • Inclination 10 degree, 11 degree or 12 degree, 0 degree - 6 degree
  • Pallet Width (mm) 800/1000, 1000/1200/1400
  • Capacity (p/h) 6750/9000, 9000/11250/13500
  • Standard features for Escalators and Passenger Conveyors
  • Full length brush guards
  • Stainless steel inner and outer decking
  • Stainless steel balustrade profile
  • All safety devices to EN115
  • Variable frequency drive incorporating automatic energy saving system
  • Extensive range of other optional features available
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