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Even a well-maintained lift can occasionally require some repair work. Faulty lift components can lead to lift down-time, increased energy consumption and can affect the safety of the lift equipment. To avoid lift breakdowns, broken or faulty lifts must be repaired as soon as possible by a qualified expert.

Relis Lifts has a lot of experience in repairing lifts of all makes, ages and types, our engineers can repair any lift, anywhere in the country.

More often than not, lift repairs may fall outside of the standard lift maintenance contract and it is for this reason that Relis Lifts provides a cost-effective lift repair service, providing estimates at all stages, and we won’t start work until we have your approval.

Lift repair has to be executed by qualified lift Repair Company using the best and approved lift repair technics and lift repair equipment. Relis Lifts has the best qualified Lift repair team and our repair works is the best that can be expected from a lift repair company. Our repairs are guaranteed and warranteed.

Relis Lifts is your trusted elevator repair team. We take a hands-on, face to face approach to elevator repair and maintenance. Your buildings don’t close and neither do we—we’re ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lift Spare Parts

We maintain good supply chain relationships with all major lift manufacturers and lift equipment suppliers. As a result, we can quickly source replacement parts for a wide range of lifts, meaning your lift can be in full working order in the fastest time possible.

Lift Repair Works

Our lift repair works include, among others:

Lift Car Top controls
Lift control panels (including push buttons)
Lift Alarm Systems
Autodial systems
Motor repairs (rewind & renewal)
Hydraulic ram seal repairs and all hydraulic repairs
Gearbox repairs
Rope replacement
Door replacement
With Relis Lifts, you get much more than a lift repair company. We always listen to our customers to find the best possible lift repair solution and we endeavor to resolve any breakdowns quickly and without corporate sluggishness.

To find out more about our lift repairs services, contact our office on +27117334033

We are able to repair and maintain any type of lift regardless of manufacturer, and continually re-invest in our staff to ensure that technical knowledge and expertise remains up to date.

In the event of lift breakdown or emergency our call-out desk is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, ensuring a prompt response from our highly trained team of engineers who are committed to returning your lift to service as quickly as possible.Regular servicing not only ensures the safety of lift users and the reliability of the equipment, it also enhances its life expectancy, protecting your investment.